ft.), Susquehanna and Clearfield Railroad / Annual Report to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1895-1896. (3 cu. Post Conrail ownership and secondary lines. (2 cu. (1 cu. w/ Val. ft.), Williamsport and Elmira Railroad / Annual Reports, 1856-1858. The land that Asa Packer had obtained in 1872 was situated on the southern side of the Morris Canal's South Basin, but the CNJ already had its own facilities adjacent to that property and disputed the LVRR's title, which partly overlapped land the CNJ had filled for its own terminal.[33]. (143 cu. of Law / Miscellaneous Interstate Commerce Commission Case Files, 1927-1935. (1.5 cu. ft.), PRR / Secretary / Information Books, ca 1926-1954. File. (.1 cu. ft.), Johnsonburg Railroad / Annual Reports to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1895-1896. It also continued to grow and develop its routes in Pennsylvania. ft.), Frederick and Northern Railroad / Minute Book, 1873-1897. Countries. No comprehensive finding aid exists for these records. ft.), PRR / VP of Real Estate / Contract Book of George B. Roberts, 1869-1884. These locomotives were also used in freight service during and after the era of LVRR passenger service. [1] In the 1870s the LVRR acquired other large tracts of land starting at 13,000 acres (53km2) in 1870,[9] with an additional of 5,800 acres (23km2) in 1872,[12] and turned its eye toward expansion across New Jersey all the way to the New York City area. ft.), Bustleton Railroad / Annual Reports to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1895-1896. (.2 cu. (.1 cu. Although the heavy wartime traffic had left the railroad's plant and equipment in need of repair, the damage was partly offset by new equipment that had been purchased by the government. . ft.), Downingtown and Lancaster Railroad / Annual Reports to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1895-1896. This was the second step toward establishment of a direct route from Waverly to Buffalo, the first being the acquisition of the Geneva, Ithaca & Athens Railroad. Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Co. ft.), Nescopec Railroad / Annual Reports to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1895-1896. Another series relating to PRR real estate holdings, rights of way and agreements is the Valuable Papers File, [ca. Fortunately, grain tonnage was increasing and the company transported large quantities from Buffalo to Philadelphia and other Eastern markets. The Beaver Meadow Railroad had been built in 1836, and it transported anthracite coal from Jeansville in Pennsylvania's Middle Coal Field to the Lehigh Canal at Mauch Chunk. ft.), Enola Realty Company / Property Sales Accounts, 1905-1914. Cassatt and James McCrea, ca 1899-1913. In pursuit of that strategy, the 1868 purchases of the Hazleton Railroad and the Lehigh Luzerne Railroad brought 1,800 acres (7.3km2) of coal land to the LVRR, and additional lands were acquired along branches of the LVRR. ft.), PRR / VP of Real Estate / Annual Reports and Data, 1920-1933. In 1927, Leonor Fresnel Loree, president of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad, had a vision for a new fifth trunk line between the East and West, consisting of the Wabash Railroad, the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway, and the LVRR. The Lehigh Valley Railroad's original and primary route between Easton and Allentown was built in 1855. V2A en:Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway; V2B en:Greenville and Hudson Railway; V2C en:National Docks Railway; V2D en:National Docks and New Jersey Junction Railway; V2E en:Irvington Railroad; Short lines . (.25 cu. (.10 cu. The 1880s continued to be a period of growth, and the LVRR made important acquisitions in New York, expanded its reach into the southern coal field of Pennsylvania which had hitherto been the monopoly of the Reading, and successfully battled the CNJ over terminal facilities in Jersey City. [8] The purchasing of the North Branch Canal saw an opportunity for a near monopoly in the region north of the Wyoming Valley. ft.), Ridgeway and Clearfield Railroad / Minute Book, 1882-1911. ft.), PRR / Secretary / Rules and Regulations, 1858-1925. [38] Through bonds issued by the D&H, he obtained 30% of the LVRR stock, and won the support of nearly half the stockholders. (.1 cu. Additionally, a segment from Geneva to Victor, New York, later cut back to Shortsville, New York, to Victor, remained with the Lehigh Valley Estate under subsidized Conrail operation. In the following year, the LVRRa standard gauge railroadcompleted arrangements with the Erie Railroad, at that time having a six-foot gauge, for a third rail within the Erie mainline tracks to enable the LV equipment to run through to Elmira and later to Buffalo. (.2 cu. (21 cu. (.1 cu. ft.), PRR / VP of Real Estate / Letter Press Books of J.C. Wilson, Assistant Chief Engineer and Real Estate Agent, 1876-1889. The LVRR decided to expand more to the Northeastern New Jersey in order to reach its freight yards without using the CNJ main line. (.25 cu. ft.), Finley Company / Minute Books, 1945-1959. In 1891, the LVRR consolidated the Roselle and South Plainfield Railway into the Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway, along with the other companies which formed the route from South Plainfield to the Jersey City terminal. ft.), PRR / Secretary / Notes for Centennial History of PRR Company, ca 1946-1949. | Library of Congress Outline map of the middle Atlantic states showing the three major lines in different colors. The economic depression following 1893 was harsh, and by 1897 the LVRR was in dire need of support. These were FAs with steam generators, but they were not designated as FPA-2 units. (.3 cu. Repository: Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections Collection Number: 3362 Abstract: Financial records, reports, schedules, blueprints, and other records of railway lines in central and western New York State. These engineering drawings consist primarily of maps and structure drawings, although other subjects such as bridges, grade crossings and equipments are also documented. Conrail maintained the line as a main line into the New York City area. The best place to find out the current status of a particular piece of land would be the Recorder of Deeds and/or Tax Mapping office in the relevant county's courthouse. ft.), PRR / VP of Special Services / Merger Testimony and Exhibits, 1962-1967. A massive proxy fight ensued, with existing President Edward Eugene Loomis narrowly retaining his position with the support of Edward T. Stotesbury of J. P. This route became important to Conrail as an alternate route to avoid Amtrak's former PRR/PC Northeast Corridor electrified route. (.15 cu. Digitized content from the collections of Cornell University Library The Anthracite Railroads Historical Society maintains this website in the memory of Ed Schaller, a kind man with a wonderful personality, who served many years as treasurer on the Board of Directors. At Perth Amboy, a tidewater terminal was built on the Arthur Kill comprising a large coal dock used to transport coal into New York City. The Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway was a Lehigh Valley Railroad company organized in 1891 through the consolidation of the companies that formed the Lehigh Valley's route from South Plainfield through Newark to Jersey City via its bridge across Newark Bay.Until 1895, when the Greenville and Hudson Railway was constructed, the Lehigh Valley depended on the National Docks Railway to reach the . Coverage includes locations in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. [25] While the third rail on the Erie Railroad main line between Waverly and Buffalo gave the LVRR an unbroken connection to Buffalo, the road's management desired its own line into Buffalo. [1] Operations continued until the LVRR's bankruptcy in 1976. (.1 cu. By 1869, the LVRR owned a continuous track through Pennsylvania from Easton to Waverly. 1906 Antique Lehigh Valley Railroad Map Vintage Lehigh Valley Railway Map Birthday Gift for Dad Anniversary 527 ad vertisement by plaindealing. [1], Throughout the 1920s the railroad remained in the hands of the Morgan / Drexel banking firm, but in 1928 an attempt was made to wrest control from it. [10] The LVRR recognized that its own continued prosperity depended on obtaining what coal lands remained. V2 en:Roselle and South Plainfield Railway. In 1973, the United States Congress acted to create a bill to nationalize all bankrupt railroads which included the LV. Finally after settling the legal issues, the Newark Bay was bridged in 1892 by the Jersey City, Newark and Western Railway and connected to the National Docks Railway, which was partly owned by the LVRR and which reached the LVRR's terminal. The banking giant J. P. Morgan stepped in to refinance the LVRR debt and obtained control of the railroad in the process. The LVRR first attempted to obtain a right of way at Greenville, but the Pennsylvania Railroad checkmated them by purchasing most of the properties needed. The original maps were never transferred to the Archives, but a book by book inventory of the film exists. [17] In 1871, the entire line from Phillipsburg to Wilkes-Barre was leased to the CNJ. President Richard Nixon signed the Regional Rail Reorganization Act of 1973 into law. (.1 cu. Map showing the Lehigh Valley Railroad system in the anthracite coal fields of Pennsylvania Names Von Rosenberg, Leo (Creator) Lehigh Valley Railroad Company (Publisher) Collection. The followingarethe primary series of railroad map records that are processed and readily available for use: For track maps of the Erie and D, L & W lines,seeTrack Maps of the Erie Railroad and the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, circa 1917-1976, Series {#300m164}. (1 cu. The tracks from Dupont to Mehoopany became a new rail line called the Susquehanna Branch. However, for historical purposes, the part from Manville to Newark is considered a new rail line and the Norfolk Southern part is considered the original line. (92 cu. The building shutdown in 1961 and was demolished. (.1 cu. The images on the film are arranged geographically, i.e. (2 cu. (10 cu. In the early part of October 1855, a contract was made with Howard & Co. of Philadelphia to do the freighting business of the railroad (except coal, iron, and iron ore). 1905 - Hojack swing bridge built at Charlotte. The LVRR shareholders received shares of the now independent Lehigh Valley Coal Company, but the railroad no longer had management control of the production, contracts, and sales of its largest customer. On April 1, 1976, the LVRR, including its main line, was merged into the U.S. government's Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) ending 130 years of existence and 121 years of operation of the LVRR. (.1 cu. ft.), PRR / VP of Real Estate / Post Office Files, 1923-1933. Joy and Lancaster Railroad / Minute Book of the Committee on Real Estate and the Road, 1850-1855. ft.), Coxe Brothers and Company, Inc. / Appendix to Estimates of Coal on Properties Owned or Controlled, 1925. Lehigh Valley Railroad Maps The maps on the following pages, based on the LVRR right-of-way as of September 24, 1936, were created by the ARHS: New Jersey Mainline - from Jutland to Jersey City M&H Area and Mainline - Mahanoy and Hazleton Division, as well as the mainline from Lizard Creek Jct. (.3 cu. It opened a hotel in Glen Summit, Pennsylvania, called the Glen Summit Hotel to serve lunch to passengers traveling on the line. A long segment west from Van Etten Junction to Buffalo was included in the Conrail takeover, but was mostly torn-up not long afterward. (.03 cu. ft.), Valley Real Estate Company / Minute Book, 1907-1922. (6.5 cu. (.02 cu. (5 cu. Language: See original listing. (.16 cu. In 1972, the Lehigh Valley Railroad assumed the remaining Pennsylvania trackage of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, a competing anthracite railroad which had entered bankruptcy as well. ft.), Lehigh Valley Railroad / Valuable Papers Files, 1850-1966. Its bankruptcy resulted in economic chaos, bringing on the financial panic of 1893 and forcing the LVRR to break the lease and resume its own operations, leaving it unable to pay dividends on its stock until 1904. In order to document their corporate valuations to the ICC, American railroad companies had to submit detailed maps of their real estate holdings. staff parking southampton general hospital, elmore county obituaries, saint ophelia catholic,
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